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How to join FightAIDSatHome FightAIDS@Home

Joining FightAIDS@Home is easy!

FightAIDS@Home is now a project on the World Community Grid . This means more benefits for our Members. For example, you will be able to see your Member statistics, create and join teams with other members, and participate in discussion forums .
Being part of World Community Grid is simple -- and the software is free, secure, and will not affect how you use your computer!

To start, you must go to the World Community Grid's "Join Now" page to download the software or click on the following link..

FightAIDSatHome Download the World Community Grid software to run FightAIDS@Home .

After you have downloaded the software, you must select which projects you want to run.

World Community Grid is running both the Human Proteome Folding Project and FightAIDS@Home, members have the option of opting out of one project to donate all their unused computer time to just one of the research projects. As a default, all members are contributing to both projects; when the grid sends a work unit to the agent, there is a 50-50 chance that it will be running Human Proteome Folding (or FightAIDS@Home) - unless the volunteer chooses to participate in a specific project.

To opt out of a project:
  • Log onto the site.
  • Go to the My Grid/My Statistics page.
  • Select My Projects on the left menu.
  • Under Available Projects, uncheck the project you would like
    to opt out of.
Click on image to get higher resolution.
screen shot of selecting project

System Requirements for FightAIDS@Home:

  • Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0, Me, or 98
    256 MB Memory (RAM) minimum
    Pentium 550 MHz or above
    50 MB of Free disk space
  • Apple Macintosh (PowerPC)
    Mac OS X
  • Generic (Intel)

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